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Substation & Power Transformer Dismantling


Worldwide Electric Salvage Inc. has completed transformer removal & onsite dismantling projects from industrial facilities & substations worldwide. We are experts in recyclable commodities including transformer oil, as well as breaking down transformers to retain the maximum value for each unit. We offer full transformer removal, dismantling, and recycling services.

After a full site inspection our crew will safely remove and dispose of all oil & fluids, then dismantle and remove the electrical equipment from the site. We are ready to take on any size job and provide transformer breakdown, transportation, oil removal, and recycling solutions.

Project site inspection and review:
Prior to the start of our transformer dismantling projects, Worldwide Electric Salvage Inc. will properly inspect the job site to determine if there are any hazardous working conditions that might affect the overall project completion. Worldwide Electric Salvage Inc. puts safety first on all of our jobs to ensure that workers and equipment are out of harms way throughout the entire dismantlement project.

Fluid and equipment handling:
Worldwide Electric Salvage Inc. will drain all fluid-containing vessels such as transformers, regulators, circuit breakers, tanks, and pipes, while the fluids are recycled or destroyed based on the type of fluid and PCB level. Equipment is removed and shipped to Worldwide Electric Salvage’s facility for proper breakdown and destruction.

Substation component removal:
Worldwide Electric Salvage Inc. will remove bare conductors, insulated conductors, electrical insulators, fittings, bus work, hardware, conduits, light fixtures, pull boxes, storage cabinets, junction boxes and electrical panels from the substation site. All component material will be removed at ground level unless specified other wise. All structural steel can be removed.


We purchase & dismantle:

  • Substation Transformers
  • Padmount Transformers
  • Transformer Oil
  • Core Steel
  • Bushings
  • Components
  • Oil Circuit Breakers
  • Scrap Metal
  • And More